Serene’s research-led practices reframe and rethink conditions of the contemporary through politically driven art-making and inquiry. At the intersection of art, theory, and politics, she addresses obscure issues often by creating an ontological shift of displacement in her works. Through juxtaposing and converging dissimilar situations, sometimes dilemma, in the same space-time, the works raise questions such as how do one respond to, or what could one possibly get out of, the moment of conflict, estrangement or resistance. Within the installation situations, there are merged multiple politically or culturally coded settings; by exposing the objects and information in a neutral position, the work aims to explore the diverse meanings of its complex contents.

Her works reconsider the typologies of the material and established systems of knowledge.  Deliberately selected quotidian objects, images and texts in her installations often evoke unexpected affects, that liberate the concealed tension between objects and their socially preconditioned relations. As a result, it is often a charged emotional space. This interdisciplinary practice also poses questions of how we social beings understand our relation to the physical world and people around through cognitive and visual representation. Serene questions not only connections between literal and connotative meanings, but also tenuous relationship between text and objects, realm of semiotics and images, and limits of communication.

photo courtesy : Tim Hailand

Serene Hui

Based in The Netherlands/ Hong Kong

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For full CV / portfolio / questions, email: clokserene(at)gmail(dot)com


2021 Post-Human Narratives - We, The Searchers v.2.0., Curated by Kobe Ko, online

2020 This Year There Were Very Few Fireworks (Silent Fire/Works Rhapsody), De Aanschouw, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2020  We, The Searchers, Page Not Found, The Hague, The Netherlands

2018 Words Unsaid, Then Forgotten, Arts 3331 Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

2017 Everyday is just another day - Exhibition of HUI Serene Sze Lok, Venice Arts Project, Venice, Italy

2016 Waiting for the Polar Express ‒ HUI Sze Lok Serene Solo Exhibition, PMQ, Hong Kong


2021 Non Native Native Fair, curated by Non Native Native (NNN), online

2021 Trust & Confusion, Tai Kwun Contemporary Museum, Hong Kong

2021 Post-Human Narratives, Curated by Kobe Ko, online

2021 Sun Kissed // Fog Off, Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, The Hague, The Netherlands

2020 The Ongoing Conversation #7, Gallery 1646, The Hague, The Netherlands

2020 3331 Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2020 A Simple Fizz, Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, The Hague, The Netherlands

2019 FOLKLORE, Bedroom, Hong Kong

2018 A Song A Zine, dotdotdot Zine launch 2018, Hong Kong

2018 Nearly There, AIR 3331 Studio, Arts 3331 Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

2018 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2018 無何有之香 - 文學x視藝展覽, 香港文學生活館 Hong Kong House of Literature

2018 WHY PRINT : Biennial Printmaking Exhibition, Presented by Marble Print Clay, Hong Kong

2017 Time, Space & Architecture, Cityscapes Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017 Travelling between Time and Matter, G126, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2017 Hold Your Breath, Feel the Time, Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2017 The Factory 2017 (Exhibition in the old herring factory in Djúpaviík), Djúpaviík, Iceland

2017 Dimension Convertor - Exhibition by Serene Hui and Bobby Yu, 100 ft. PARK, Hong Kong

2016 Here is Zine, Here is Hong Kong, PMQ, Hong Kong

2016 Nurturing Creativity - Friends of the Art Museum 35th Anniversary Art Exhibition, Central, Hong Kong

2016 The White Night Laboratory, Listhus Artspace, Olafsfjordur, Iceland

2016 L ights in the Old Phone Booths, Kaffi Klara, Olafsfjordur, Iceland

2016 THE PLAYROOM : Works by Ng Shuk Yin & Hui Sze Lok Serene, PMQ, Hong Kong


2021 (upcoming) NIDA Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania

2019 Galerie Perrotin HK - Assistant to Director | Gallery Assistant, Sales & Artist Liaison

2018 Harbour Arts Sculpture Park, Jockey Club Arts Education Programme - In Dialogue with Sculptures - Artist Tutor

2018 3331 Art Chiyoda Residency Program, Tokyo, Japan

2017 Artist Initiative Kaus Australis Residency Program, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2016 Listhus Artist Residency Program, Olafsfjordur, North Iceland


2021 May We Live In Interesting Times - The Politics and Poetics of Ambivalence, Independent publishing, The Netherlands

2020 We, The Searchers, Independent publishing, The Netherlands


2017 Hello, Darkness my old friend, Independent publishing, Hong Kong


2021 Fonds Kwadraat, The Netherlands

2018 Cultural Exchange Fund, Hong Kong Art Development Council, Hong Kong S.A.R.

2017 Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, Hong Kong S.A.R.

2017 Professor Mayching Kao Fine Arts Fund - Artist-in-residence, Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong