This Year There Were Very Few Fireworks (Silent Fire/Works Rhapsody)
2020/ 2021

2020 - 2021   Solo exhibition at De Aanschouw, Rotterdam

3-phrase video installation

Chapter 1
color, silent, 4’30” on loop

Chapter 2 
color, silent, 8’20” on loop

Chapter 3 
color, silent, 30’00” on loop

Fire Works
Participatory event, slide projection (on loop), Digital video (on loop), found objects

Participatory event - balloon poking as a collective gesture that produces a sound reminiscent of the fireworks explosion as well as the gunshots in a war zone.

Visual poetry with slide projection, on loop

Dark night
fireworks horizontally deployed
from just around the corner
of where i escaped
from fear but landed at estrangement
invisible sparks with bombing sounds and colours
gets into the eyes of innocent fighters
in the town where I grew up


Fire works
working at its best
i heard them in the dark
i saw them from afar
i even smelt them
in my imagination
in the speechlessness in the light
of the harsh reality of the war.

HD video, 3’00”, with sound, CRT monitor
©Serene Hui 2023