This Year There Were Very Few Fireworks (Silent Fire/Works Rhapsody)
3-phrase video installation
Solo exhibition at De Aanschouw, Rotterdam, 2020


Chapter 1
color, silent, 4’30” on loop

Chapter 2 
color, silent, 8’20” on loop

Chapter 3 
color, silent, 30’00” on loop

Fire Works, 2020
Participatory event, slide projection (on loop), Digital video (on loop), found objects
Installation view at Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, The Netherlands


Participatory event - balloon poking as a collective gesture that produces a sound reminiscent of the fireworks explosion as well as the gunshots in a war zone.
View of after-event at the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague


Fire Works, 2020
(visual poetry with slide projection, on loop)

Dark night
fireworks horizontally deployed
from just around the corner
of where i escaped
from fear but landed at estrangement
invisible sparks with bombing sounds and colours
gets into the eyes of innocent fighters
in the town where I grew up


Fire works
working at its best
i heard them in the dark
i saw them from afar
i even smelt them
in my imagination
in the speechlessness in the light
of the harsh reality of the war.


Fire Works, 2020
Digital video, 3 minutes, sound, Television

Video :