LANDING (We talked, and you have forgotten the words)
As Part of the exhibition Post-Human Narratives - The Coexisting Land, Hong Kong

Audio Installation, Text (site specific installation on existing lighting structures)
Full duration : 15 mins

“ But, who on earth can actually be grounded? In our era the telescoping of temporalities and mobility - human, geological, astronomical - has become inevitable. The problem is that we’re not able to land at all because modern humans, at this time of the Anthropocene, appear to be suspended over at least two different and incompatible definitions of the land. ...By now it is clear that the contemporary world is characterised by the asymmetry between economic and political power - the capitalist market operates globally and the politics operates regionally. There is this disorientation to the disconnection between two different definitions of the land on which modern humans live: the sovereign nation from which they derive their rights, and another one, hidden, from which they gain their wealth. The former represents the land they live on, and the latter refers to the land they live from. ”

Text | Serene Hui
Voice Over | Shannon Liang, Mazen Alashkar

Excerpt of the sound installation LANDING :

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