Through The Glass, Darkly
In collaboration with Lam Lai 

8-channel audio and video projection, Duration 2:00:00, Live streaming systems, Mixed media installation
Commissioned for Sound Forms 2023, Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong, Tai Kwun Contemporary


Communication is an in between space where two beings enter the risk of being misunderstood. There is a profound truth in the continual effort to find one another.

Through the glass, darkly is a “non-performance” on voice and communication, a single time-intensive event which discusses different positions toward speaking, being silenced, the possibility to find words and to resonate. The work emerged through reflections on the (im)possibility of language, failure of human voices, disruption of direct utterance, alternative transmission, to form a libretto - manoeuvring the story of “The Diving Bell and The Butterfly”, Monarch butterflies, personal encounters and more - set to a choreography of sound and music.

Through the glass, darkly is made of a cacophony of voices, fleeting  sounds, and negative space, wavering between immersive installation and performative sound piece. It is configured as an intimate sonic landscape that unfolds gradually and spatially, representative of one’s psychic conflict with all sorts of emotions prompted by the very act of communication, inviting the audience to search for and invent their own story. It can seem obscure and chaotic, but there is always the possibility for its voices to synchronise and resonate, and create an experience of negotiation or suspension.


Libretto Pdf


Co-presented by: Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong, Tai Kwun Contemporary
Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council⁠

Team : 
Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong
Artistic Director: Karen Yu
Company Manager: Him Cheung
Sound Forms 2023 Project Officer: Leo Cheng
Project Officer: Winston Yeung
Marketing Officer: Tina Yeung

Tai Kwun Contemporary
Education and Public Programmes Curator: Veronica Wong
Programme Coordinator: Sonia Cheng
Education and Public Programmes Coordinator: Gary Kwong

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